Accelerator kit

Who can benefit from our ACCELERATOR KIT?

Our Accelerator Kit complements our Guide, which offers tips to control anxiety, boost confidence and craft 24-karat presentations. If you are a new or anxious speaker who has purchased our Guide, then our Kit is an ideal companion piece to accelerate your performance.

If you are already a competent presenter, our Kit provides easy-to-follow tracks that can save you time crafting your future presentations. The Kit also provides new materials that further polish your performance.

What our ACCELERATOR KIT will do for you…

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Although the practical tips in our Guide get you and your presentations ‘up to speed’ quickly and effectively, the process still takes time. Why? Because it is challenging to carry out all the nuggets of advice with just one visit! Our recommended strategy is to examine all the golden tips, identify which ones would best boost your confidence and impact, and then apply these tips to your upcoming presentations. When you feel ready, come back to the guide and seize more gold!

Online presentation coaching - quicker


Our Accelerator Kit offers a quicker way to seize and apply the tips in our Guide. The Kit isolates core content from our Guide, and organizes the information into practical worksheets that help you prepare and deliver your presentation more  effectively than using our Guide alone. It also contains supplementary materials that further refine your presentation.

How our ACCELERATOR KIT provides these benefits…

Our product page lists the specific ways that our Kit will accelerate your performance on stage. Click on the button below for more information.